Sunday, March 09, 2008

If you click one link today let it be this one

(click on title itself). I even gave you the English version. This is no cheap Google Translation, Ladies and Bugs, the company translated this themselves. (Ok and how weird is it that the dictionary we downloaded at Google's suggestion for web content marks "Google" as a misspelling?)

I am almost glad I didn't have the camera with me at Bauhaus last night when we went to purchase yet another wooden counter top, this time for our office desk. (The beech forests of Scandanavia are weeping and we are entirely responsible.) As as result, I visited their website, and it is worth the poorly translated trip. (For the uninitiated, Ass = ace, not to be confused with Aas = dead meat/carcase. Shorten your vowel on the first one.)

I hope at least you all see the humor involved, so I am also posting a wee photo from their web site here (and holding the fair use fig leaf aloft). They should hire me to fix this. Actually, they should leave it just the way it is.


Jul said...

Sweet! I've been wondering where I could get me some Joints-Ass "Special".

christina said...

Oh my. And ha ha ha ha! I really needed a laugh today, thanks. We better make sure J sees this - he collects "ASS in Germany" pictures.

Just goes to show you that what they say is true - one cannot afford to use a cheap translator.

J said...

LOL! I've taken a few Ass photos too.