Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just wondering

There seem to be so many English-language blogs and webpages with tips on thrifty living or simple living. Do any of you know any with tips for Germany (other than , there are good used book stores in Basel) ?

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G in Berlin said...

I think it's really the same tips. Alsi is the best you can do here, I think, unless you have a friend with a shop to share entry into a real warehouse store. A chest freezer and buying in a bit of bulk, making in bulk and freezing is probably the best thing. I came with 24 boxes of hand me down clothes for my girls, so I'm not certain how to buy used here, but I'd bet you can: I know I saw places in Dusseldorf. The rest is probably conserve gas used in trips and use things untilthey die. You could visit me to borrow english books, if you needed to;-)or I think thereis a pass along club whose name I have gorgooten- bookswappers.de I think?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh and it's www.bookswapper.de (without the "s")

ann_ona_moose said...

I am aware of the bookswappers group. I have given away most of the books I am finished with (and there are already copies of what I do have), so I will have to restock before I can participate.

I am on the freecycle list here and I have been to the local equivalent of Goodwill here - but there was a real difference in quality to what I am used to. (We are planning to donate a bunch of things there, though). I just don't know enough about how to find out about flea markets etc.

We don't have a car - we're members of carsharing and have been really, really pleased with them.

We wound up buying _a lot_ of things new for the apartment, particulary in the kitchen and the office - which when I read other blogs make me feel guilty, but now that I finally have room and containers to start sorting, we can start reducing (finally!).